Building w3m on MacOSX

This is, of course, not really a piece of adaptive technology, but it’s a reasonable first approximation and this still is, in a sense, perhaps, a segment whose needs should be addressed. (Ok, I didn’t say it. Someone in an AIGA webinar said this a year and a half ago or so.) The easiest way to build w3m on MacOSX is to use the original version of w3m, which has been modified to use GNU configure. The w3mmee package does not compile (without some investigation and fixing, which would take time). Before building the package, one line needs to be patched. The patch for main.c can be found at Qi Hardware’s site. Boehm GC also needs to be installed before building the package. Unfortunately HP has removed Boehm GC’s page. So I grabbed the package from Debian. (You need the .orig package.) (Screen dump of OCAD’s web site as viewed in w3m) So far the browser seems to work.