Finalist :)

Two days ago I received an email from the RGD which told me that while I didn’t win any award in this year’s RGD Student Awards, I was among the finalists in the “Placemaking” category. Which made me happy: I have never been trained in EGD, my experience was not exactly EGD experience, and my attempt to somehow steer my INCD studies in the direction of EGD didn’t work out; yet it was my EGD entry that got into the finalist round. So what should I do next? I wonder. Or am I daydreaming?

Retracing our path (3)

Retracing our path (3)Then we saw this. Still no sign of rooms 554 and 550 (not because we can’t see a door, but because there is no signage at all).

Room 550 (sign)

Room 550 (sign)Intriguingly, Room 550 is labelled as part of the “Industrial Design Centre”, even though we are in the “Teknion Environmental Design Centre”.

Room 550

Room 550Room 550 is just a bit further, on the other side of the open space, to our right.

Room 554

Room 554The numbering goes backwards from 556 to 554. We have arrived at one of our destination rooms. The room number is kind of small, but at least we can see it.

Room 556 (not one of our destinations)

Room 556 (not one of our destinations)First room to pass by on our left is Room 556. Any visitor not familiar with our school’s crazy room assignment will have assumed that they have walked past their destination without knowing.
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