thinking about the future


I told Danica about the weirdness yesterday and we decided that I should talk to the office about it, and so I did go to the office today and was told that my grades were ok and I should get the letter any time now.

So imagine my surprise when I got home and found that I just got the letter.

So technically I’m now graduated.

So what’s next?…

Finalist :)

Two days ago I received an email from the RGD which told me that while I didn’t win any award in this year’s RGD Student Awards, I was among the finalists in the “Placemaking” category.

Which made me happy: I have never been trained in EGD, my experience was not exactly EGD experience, and my attempt to somehow steer my INCD studies in the direction of EGD didn’t work out; yet it was my EGD entry that got into the finalist round.

So what should I do next? I wonder. Or am I daydreaming?

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