old Canon dead

Since my Pentax is half dead, I have been using my old Canon. But when I tried taking some pictures today I found I couldn’t turn it on. I thought the battery was dead. But when I went home and plugged it into the charger the “charging” light didn’t flash. Zilch. Since I had to charge some other batteries I unplugged the Canon charger, plugged in the NiMH charger, and the NiMH charger just ran fine. So I have no idea what happened to my Canon. Anything could have gone wrong: Fried charger, broken cable, dead battery, or — heaven forbid — fried motherboard. Maybe it’s just too old and decided to refuse doing any more work. So I now have no working camera and can’t document any more work. A half dead Pentax is still better than a completely dead Canon, I guess. Sigh.