The Supercollider kickdrum sound in timbre.js

So it looks like while timbre.js has some documentation, the documentation is really much sparser than I’d like it to be. But at least the examples work so it’s possible to figure things out.

The first example I tried to translate was the kickdrum sound from Rumble-san’s Drum Sounds in SuperCollider (Part 1). Basing off an example in timbre.js’s documentation on T("env"), I managed to come up with this translation (which is almost identical to one of the examples for T("env")):

T("env", {table:[1, [0, 1000]]}, T("sin", {freq:60})).on("ended", function() {

There are some obvious questions here: Why is env used this way? What exactly is the syntax for the table parameter? What exactly is the purpose of the bang() message? We can sort of deduce the syntax of the table paramter from the code, but the existing documentation does not seem to provide any answers.