The end, no matter how you determine it’s the end

Today was convocation. So it’s now the end, no matter how you determine if it’s the end or not. Anyway, several things that you’ll only see in an OCAD convocation:
  • Telling people to tweet and instagram their convocation experience (and plastering the backstage with the hashtag) but telling the same people they have to check in their phones in a coat check.
  • Not getting your diploma on the stage and having to return your gown before getting your diploma. (This was a real head scratcher.)
  • The school officials not following all the standard formulaic verbosity on the stage. (In fact when the chancellor (?) asked the president the rhetorical question of whether to confer degrees in absentia the president didn’t even say a thing—she just gave a nod.)
I thought this wouldn’t be a thing after GradEx, but this was still a thing. I thought I would see more people, but I guess it’s hard when this doesn’t happen at school.