Unexpectedly amazing presentations at @OCADUPress’s Function 4

We talk about people with synesthesia and people with vision loss in class, but none of us has them, and it felt like no one knew anyone who has synesthesia. So imagine my surprise when I went to Function 4 (when I still have stuff to work on) and found out that the second presenter, Greg McRoberts, has synesthesia, and he talked about how some shapes sound, how some sounds are associated with shapes, and, after the presentations, how unnatural some of these custom written ditties on electronic devices feel to him. His blindness in one eye also inspired him to come up with the idea of inventing a “seeing aid” device that does “augmented vision”. Greg McRoberts with his seeing aid device Greg McRoberts’ seeing aid device When I saw the device before the presentations I thought it looked like an Arduino, and, indeed, it is an Arduino. The third presenter, Ibrahim Abusitta, talked about his work that explores an Eastern cultural identity within Western society. I ran into one of my profs right before I headed to the Student Gallery, and he was wondering what the talks would be about. I told him I didn’t know, and I didn’t. But I think everyone in my program should go to these Function series talks.